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SHEEPLE contains content deemed unsuitable for the easily influenced or idle minds. Be advised that this product may trigger fits and symptoms in those who suffer adversely to ego-crippling information.

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released July 4, 2012

SHEEPLE was produced by Myke Murder, Ratstax, BEATG33KZ, Tristan of Ham Squad, Tele-K, Johnny Juliano, Allrounda Beats, Anno Domini & Yung Exclusive.

Mixing and Mastering was done at MURDERCORP.© Headquarters.



all rights reserved


Myke Murder Detroit, Michigan




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Track Name: $laves
We're all a bunch $laves.
Working for the dollar in the their cage,
controlled by the money on our brains.

Only worried bout something if it pays by the hour, so they stays in power

We're just little $lave$ (yesss)

$ir's, the $ound of the $erpent
L is for the life they're stealing from you as a person
Assholes, you have to serve for your merchant
Victory is more so how you choose to interpret
Everything that you lose while the clock keeps turnin'

dollars run the world, that's the word of the sermon
Never mind real freedom, that's too much of a burden
It's about what you make, is your stock worth earnin?

And as American reclines, the rest of the worlds burnin'
Moronic tele-news has you targeting a turban
Social networks boom, catalog you in the circuit
Technology rules you…it's not vice versa

With our strength we could save lives, but we idolize murder
slow suicides, super-sized hamburgers
it's a disguise from the lies our demise is a merger
of our own mindless youth and these dirty old perverts

We're all a buncha $lave$


Big business, bigger price tags,
clocks remind you to be one time ringing off your nightstands
another bright bland day of the workforce
faceless money drivers, whipping you as a work horse
buy your first Porsche, now you got some show for it
your monies bigger than your mind and now you're known for it
so support it,
twist it and contort it
tell em all this is why you wake up every morning'!!

"A rich pocket is the key to success"

but all the money in the world can't fill that void in your chest
truth is that you'll probably never get it
so suck it up and now and live with it

Track Name: Rise Up
I am a human hacker, this is my manifesto.

You may stop this individual, but you can't stop us all... After all,
we're all alike.

[You need to vibrate higher.]

we're all alike

we're all alike

we're all alike


I grab the mighty microphone in public,
spittin ill like, fuck it
rapping up a ruckus while these tacky mother fuckers are just sucking' on my nuts mayne
and I ain't plain' dumb games,
I've developed killers skills in my young age...
literally phasing through time space
operating mind rays, magic's at my fingertips, music does what I say.

I'm a master of this reality,
fighting off these evil mind entities just waiting for the cavalry (
this is my own mind)

It's 2012 and I've seen a lot of shit
and I admit at times I can be a real dick
but a liar I can never be,
better clever energy is at my own disposal for the bettering of everything
I just let it sing, BREATHE!
while mentoring anyone who wants a little lesson, we specialize in lessening ideas that the systems always stressing;
to create better life mentalities.

people of the world free your mind, let it rise up
citizens unite, cause together we can rise up
push through the lies, let your intellect rise up
[Leaders of the underground, c'mon now! rise up!] (buck em down)
[Vibrate your frequency higher and rise up]

It's a space time flux continuum,
looking for intellectual flows?

Let me give you em:
I'm not so different from everyone who hears me,
except I organize thought streams quickly and clearly; (M-Theory)
bet I got plan for the new wave, (CHEERS!)
cause the truth saves everybody living in the New Age…
fuck a new world order
I cause disorder and chaos,
seeing patterns in the grid got my matrix brain on…

But Neo isn't real, see though neither is Myke…I disappear in the dark and manifest in the light, I'm sorta like your imaginary friend…
cause we're in this shit together till reality ends...

iIt's just a matter of sense to see that matter depends upon the frequency of space that you are actually in,
so if you follow me then plug in your batteries end,
cause there's a planet full of humans that we have to defend.

people of the world free your mind, let it rise up
citizens unite, cause together we can rise up
push through the lies, let your intellect rise up
[Leaders of the underground, c'mon now! rise up!] (buck em down)
[Vibrate your frequency higher and rise up]

like a million fireflies, giving light to the night we're the ones they despise (FUCK EM!)
we're the leaders of a new type of thought.
and unlike them…
our moral integrity can't be bought
we have fought for the right to be righteous…(and we're winning)
they poured gas on our dreams so I'm here to ignite this
spike through your psych with the mind fucks,
I'm a rebel on another level watch em try to find us.

Moving through the microcosmics;
no rules here, let a system try to stop this
I may be brash but at least I'm being honest
it's explicitly conscious fucking content
I'm on that, hit em with the hip hop hot flash..

So instead of selling yourself short with blood ridden contracts,
lace up your boots for some combat
(it's all about your mind)
cause we need to rise up.

Altogether rise up.

Let it rise up.

After all we're all alike

Vibrate your frequency higher and rise up.
Track Name: Wasted Minds
Too many rappers…
not enough speaking...
blow your dome with the poems I wrote, I'm a fasho genius
flow elitist, take my time

MURDERCORP.© I'm not another wasted mind
I'mma take you on my brainwav
show you how I'm working

all the way insane many
style is picture perfect

my gang reps knowledge overtyping
step the fuck back

we're taking everything
bass bumpin', chest thumpin', heart racin'
I'm out of this world with the bars
chillen hanging with the stars, hell yeah, I'm outer-spacin'
I don't write rhymes I translate em'

rappers with no message I still hate em'
bitches crazy as fuck but I still date em'
sick of this game, but I'm still playin'

then I blast off!
go and take my mask off, I'm getting pussy while you're at home and jack off
so ahead this game while you're mad lost,
I'm going hard, but in public I act soft like "mehhh…"
got my nails painted black, think I give a fuck?

these whack emcees sellin' crack cause their raps suck
I contemplate your existence while I'm blowing on a blunt of reggies
I ain't got no brand new whip, but my pockets getting' heavy like damnnn!
look at all this motivation inside these tiny jeans.

I think it's funny man I was born with all these rhyming genes
brain freezer, meltdown, send these rappers to hell POW!

Kids out here can barely spell now and you wanna know why our economy fell down?

Intellect over dollars thats my slogan dude..
think I'm not the sickest out, you must be joking fool

come hard, stay erect,
bitch bump my bars better pay respect, see I been working for a while
to give you service with a smile, why the fuck you think I bank these crazy checks?

got an offer here I don't think you can turn down,
got a blunt already rolled, we're bout to burn down
your dirt cloud can't stand to my massive mystic mind-stream kicking it
your lyrics lack logistics, if you're with me now you're getting it

these rappers' fake as fuck, a bunch of corporate products,
Hip-Hop was made for humans
Rap is for robotics

Too many rappers…not enough speaking...
blow your dome with the poems I wrote, I'm a fasho genius,
flow elitist, take my time
MURDERCORP.© I'm not another wasted mind

I'mma kill frenzy these rappers, leave em' Xboxed with no halo
got two horns for you newborns, you're just lukewarm getting' way cold
you're way old and outdated, blinded by fame and totally jaded
probably high and most likely wasted, here's a little slice of your life man
now you can taste it…
they say that livin' well is the best revenge,
is this real or just a dream I guess it all depends.
my friends see the light in my eyes shine
won't stop spitting flames till it's my time.
My grinds comparable to the size of the Sun,
I'm locked in the Matrix but I am the one.

Everybody says it but most all of them are dumb, clubbed up, drugged up
fucking drunk and done...

I don't look up to none.

Our leaders failed us, but I got a plan and it ain't Save the Whales
all around me's the illuminati, that's a label for all them suckers,
you'll never hear me saying "you got me"
years I been plotting,
watching em' try to stop me
finally people are waking up,
I got your frequencies responding
while the bass beats kickin' it, man I got a mission so just help me envision it,
manifest quick cause I'm on some different shit scales a a little off cause my generations tippin' it.

I got a prescription for rap addiction man.
Don't even worry the world's safe in my hands….

Too many rappers…not enough speaking...
blow your dome with the poems I wrote, I'm a fasho genius
flow elitist, take my time
Myke Murder; not another wasted mind

Track Name: Vandals & Hooligans
My crew is full of vandals and hooligans,
weed smoke and hallucinogens.

I'm raising the bar now….
Got a mission like NASA’s got my punk ass blasting' off from an ancient star cloud.
Pretty big brain so you better get smart now.
How much of their bullshit can you take till you see what we make's not just about art “WOWWW”
We’re smart as hell, but we cause a ruckus…bunch of sub punk mother fuckers.
Middle finger to anyone under the Sun
who thinks that they're above us.
Ain't no suckers, ain't fakers, ain't no cowards here.
Ain't no slaves, mayne your system's got no power here.
Roll with mottos like “THROW YOUR PHONE AWAY”,
trying to save you from not being a drone, okay?
we figured out this is the only way to float away from where all the cronies stay.
Ain't no phony play or corrupt Kony campaigns
we don't pop champagne, just get blazed as fuck and rage
If we don't like rules then we break em', don't got enough for these shoes, I'mma take em
Making hit tunes, hell yea all day son,
equipped with these brain ray guns.
Lotsa weed so I guess we're just modern hippies,
Robin Hood, so keep rockin’ with me,
Once I let go I can see the whole show now I suppose that’s why I'm constant tripping

My crew is full of vandals and hooligans,
weed smoke and hallucinogens.

I'm just a hooligan, who’s lookin' whack at who's lookin' at me, while I look at them back.
Now wrap your mind around that while I cook up that rack and I hook up that track
I’m too smart for a suit and tie, so what'd I do?
Went and bought a suit and tie.
And now I help decrypt these truth and lies for all moderately conscious human eyes.

Own my own corporation, for intellectual masturbation and integral mass class persuasion.
Mind invasion,
audio vagrants…cause all this blind enslavement’s got me grindin' pavement.
Not worried about payments, if we need that then we'll make it.
Bitch, we're creative and unusual, turn a rebel yell into a musical
I think painting the cities is beautiful; we break through to the n00bz stuck in cubicles

So what have you been doin?
You'll probably ask me the same.
And I'll just shrug and a nudge to the fact I am probably currently hacking your brain.

In current terms we’re defined as the delinquents,
but that's because our drugs and thoughts got people thinkin'…
we're not the stinking burnt out trash them leaders labeled us!
This elite poker game is about to get it's table fucked by vandals and hooligans.
weed smoke, and hallucinogens
vandals and hooligans
weed smoke, and hallucinogens
vandals and hooligans
weed smoke, and hallucinogens
vandals and hooligans

"We came to blow your system. Know what I'm saying, kill it or die, braggin' about how you had it all dialed well what's up now when your shit is BLOWN…"

Blown to the grown - Old system, loading em out
Yo bro stop moping around, get pissed at the pigs start mowin' em down
We're potent and proud, got messages of revolt.

So turn on,
tune in,
drop out,
plug in;
get your brain wave on that jolt

Yeah we're like lighting man it's so exciting how we battle wars without even fighting.
We're just hyphy straight to your psyche, we have no type.

We just like being anonymous and informative. Totally with it, but non-conformative
not so much on that normal shit, chameleons with that Normman tip…
God damn, like a gang of upset Einstein's
Foul mouthed fuckers bringing shadiness to the limelight
In hindsight you can see we're not just artists, we bring pills like Morpheus
and shit's just getting' started
so welcome family, and friends
to the battle that never ends

Where you choose to side, is a decision in life that really just depends on what you stand for, and who you are.

They treat us like dirt, but we're kids of the stars.
Socially obsessed with the shoes and the cars, booze and the breasts and the tubes and the bars.

I got brothers who do physics like it's no biggie,
other brothers will knock you out when I go pink piggy
getting' trippy; there's no way to say it simply.
Our minds have expanded to the dimensions of infinite, and now we're rollin'.
And we came to fuck your system.
We mix and mingle sharing thought-streams in an instant.
We glitchin';
2012-Type pimpin',

We're not for everyone, but a select few who can listen.
Track Name: Propaganda ft. xXxTomahawkxXx
[Verse 1 - Myke Murder]
turn the feed on, all I see is mayhem in the media
homeless roam the streets, while the kings are gettin' greedier
reptiles seeding earth, with visual cancer
I read through the news and all I see is propaganda
searching for the truth, you find disturbing answers
shadows pulling strings with their fingers from rafters
everybody's real; REAL ACTORS
minions of opinions serving you as main distractors

it's propaganda (played on all the media and news)
it's propaganda (influencing decisions that you choose)
it's propaganda

So when they get me in the booth, I'm a target for a bullet cause I'm speaking the truth against propaganda.

Manipulating your views, they dictate your life from your dress to your shoes
they tell you all these lies, then they stress that it's the truth knowing all the while,
it's a deception, a ruse, it's propaganda

[Verse 2 - xXxTomahawkxXx]
And what you think about rotten motherfuckin' snakes holdin' up your lunchlines, the punchlines are all fake
and every singly mother fucker spittin' in the place
brainwashed, propaganda, America fake land of the free
and what you know about Disney and Monarch Project now all these fuckin' kids be all sexed up,
Facebook texted up, chest up so you know I'm fuckin' hard shit shanks

it's propaganda (played on all the media and news)
it's propaganda (influencing decisions that you choose)
it's propaganda

So when they get me in the booth, I'm a target for a bullet cause I'm speaking the truth against propaganda.

Manipulating your views, they dictate your life from your dress to your shoes
they tell you all these lies, then they stress that it's the truth knowing all the while,
it's a deception, a ruse, it's propaganda's propaganda's propaganda
…it's propaganda

[Verse 3 - Myke Murder]
so wake your mind up,see the obvious
doctors and lawyers, policemen and lobbyist all under control like some toys to a hobbiest
Attention deficit, country in a deficit,
throwin out our lives out like trash with the rest of it,
all I see's a whole lotta people gettin' restless, and the only thing they have right now that works in their defense is propaganda.
So ha, sucker....
dumb mother fucker watching TV like a fucker
that's not even clever but it wasn't worth the utter of another word, not when these conundrums are dumber then a rock;
we're all getting older,
how long till they have the complete control over this shit?
with their sick chains and whips, it's on some sick slave shit it's depraved as it gets,


the props are getting bigger, mass media mind, fuck a loaded trigger
this the kinda shit that turns a whitey to a wigger,
or a bro into a guido, it's the kind of shit my schoolings had me figure out, how to bring the larger figures out,
money hungry monsters never see a drought,
more props, dollar,
its all about the power
don't stop now till the people all cower to PROPAGANDA!


[Outro - xXxTomahawkxXx]
Why they control the weather.
Inject AIDS in whoever,
Reptilian agenda, cop that pig, fucked stuck in a Matrix
fucked up like snakes all racists, Jim Jones juice like a pussy now it's laced with soft mutilated hogs
all chasin' rap dreams, flap these wings,
I'm a blue beam.

(played on all the media and news)
(influencing decisions that you choose)

So when they get me in the booth,
I'm a target for a bullet cause I'm speaking the truth against PROPAGANDA.

Track Name: Quiet Weapons
I am losing my mind slowly as the system sucks souls out
from inside every one of our shells
and we're running out of time...

people try to tell other how to live, but realistically don't even know themselves
they want an eye for an eye,
well if you stop to think about it for a second, then you'll see that's why the whole worlds blind

and I'm in my prime,
so please excuse me for using the truth so loosely, I forgot that speaking freely was a crime

They're using quiet weapons to wage a silent war (who?)
outdated methods had the violence at the front door (MURDERCORP.)
not any more, now the battle plan is aiming at the part of you that's OFF while your sitting channel changing.

Every day, you wake up for the routine

nobody seems to give a fuck about what you dream..
you seem to think that all of this consuming is part of what it means to be free a human being

they got you in the trap
minds in a trap
they got you in the trap
minds in the trap (with quiet weapons)
(now listen while I kick it and expose it in a rap)

(so fight fire with fire and take your mind right back)

I got the anthems to the 2012 awakening
(save the world, turn off the box)

I'm hardly matter, so no matter if they're taking me,
overseas illegally, torturing and raping me,

I just realize that I can make the pain make believe…

there's no complacency for energy or latency,
I manifest my thought streams almost instantaneously

racing in a marathon of publicly defacing these power hungry Nazis, reptiles basically…

Our frequency is that of human decency
 but all this mind manipulations' quickly woke the beast in me

I'm all for peace, at least I know the bigger piece of me,
and since I'm trying to model for kids, I'll act reasonably

I entice you to join,
let's get right to the point

All of this evil shit is bout to get destroyed!

turn up the noise, let the Murderbots deploy

we are human fuckin' beings, not a rich mans toys


Now this is Verse 3, for the kids listening, but haven't heard me

I know at times my rhymes I can be a bit wordy

but after this surely you might consider merging 
together with a crew of few who aren't just perving for currency

Sheeple equal slaves to Money Store, 
banks filled with fake smiles, yea give them dummies more...

They keep lending, so people keep spending,

the debt of life would currently take about 1,000 years or more to pay off

but soon you'll all be getting laid off
cause robots never, ever call in sick for days off

horray for bosses,
sucks to be a peon

Now have you decided which team you wanna be on?

as far as I can see I'm nowhere near top rung

I'd save the world but this blunt is all i got bruh

So if you feel me, even though I can't see ya
know an underground movement needs an underground leader
(but not me :-D)

They got you in the trap, minds in the trap.
Track Name: Watch Ur Mouth
Watch your mouth, bitch, watch your mouth
Nobodies trying to hear them lies you been talkin' bout.
Turn your eyes around, and watch your mouth.
If you ain't speaking truth or teaching get the fuck out!

My old bitch seen me with my new girl…
hoes trippin', like it's the end of the world, 2012 came fast, and I'm caught up in that swirl, got the kind of motivation that makes this lacking nation hurl see,

Murder is a master of disguise till the lies come pouring our their mouths then I spit it with the real
vibrate through the skies with a mind so divine, I am holding nothing back in the regards to how I feel
I got a passion for blastin, I'm mad but I'm passive, hyper-accelerated like I'm always on acid
center of attention, eye of the storm, I guess I'm just pressed middle of the action.
too many people run there jaws like they're exercising
I'm using power from the lorddd like I'm exorcizing!
I stretch my mind then, meta analyze it…
If you ain't thinking bout what you're thinking,
I suggest you try'z it

Watch your mouth, bitch, watch your mouth!
Nobodies trying to hear them lies you been talkin' bout.
Turn your eyes around, and watch your mouth.
If you ain't speaking truth or teaching get the fuck out!

Everything I say is a reflection of my soul so when I'm feeling trapped, I find an out in a flow
and although at this time I'm not exactly with the pros, I'm setting up a path in a way that I control
So I'm posting, but mostly, my ghost is coasting this ocean of probability and pretty soon well see my mind taking motion.
Yeah, I'm sick with a pen but I'm sicker with a rap, chose a microphone over a graduation cap
I suppose I like most, this masturbative act of saying something crazy and seeing how you react (what?)

I make use of facts, to help form new public opinion, and if you've done me wrong...
I'll never ever forget but as a human you're still forgiven so

Here's to friendship, here's to honor,
If you can't cum in her, cum on her
I'm so sick of all these bullshit fake mother fuckers all around me, I could go Dahmer,
detonating thoughts, like a terrorist bomber.
Pick up my breathe up with the use of a comma,

I'mma pissed ass kid with the mind of a murderer, but ganga makes me calmer.
So I'm sittin'….and thinking. Thinking bout what I should saying.

Then I do what I say, so the truth is a way to show the whole world that I'm not playing.
Man I'm sick of dumbing down,
tired of running around these clowns
so if you roll with it you, with the exception of few, better watch your fucking mouth

Track Name: American Nightmare
I'm the American Dream/Nightmare
Motowns my hometown, rockin’ in $400 kicks.
I'm equal opportunity but I don't fight fair,
last thing you wanna go and do is get my scrawny ass pissed.
I'm intelligent, relevant,
casting spells mixing metals with black rose petals and the Devil bitch
Here, have a smell of it and tell me if it's ready or still settlin',
MURDERCORP.© is my brand new settlement.
You dont have ADHD, you just lack self discipline.
And I don't hate people, just some people here in Michigan
Writing off a list again,
of things that get me pissed and then
I'm here to tell the motherfuckin’ world how it is
I'm always working/slaving, people flocking to pay me
this is how I operate up on the daily
So if you see me round noticing I'm lookin’ kinda paranoid it's probably cause the world has got me goin’ crazy.

I'm just an American
I'm just...the American
I am the American Nightmare

MURDERCORP.© will shake up your whole lifestyle
with a grinning bright smile, please don't even fight it or this might take a while. (reprogramming)
I'm classified as terrorist, reporting to my therapist.
Living in this country’s a humanitarian embarrassment so fuck it.
They told me freedom cost about a mill or so,
so I just passed and said I didn't really care for it.
They say to save your money, but money never saved me,
which I why I had to sell my soul to corporate slavery (Myke Normman!)
This is just a way for me to deal with why it pays to be an asshole in America
it's just another day you see…
you see…the dream has died, but greed and lies all seed and thrive,
while we despise what's needed,
why are these elitists seeking more than Jesus Christ?
Cheese and rice and Taco Bell, life's like a robotic hell.
Welcome to your mindless cell where torture is buy and sell.
I can tell you see the dream is gone, so now that you're awake come and help me out and sing along.

I'm just an American
I'm just...the American
I am the American Nightmare
Track Name: Illusions
I wake up from the dream state feelin' great, bout to Myke Murder another day.
Make my way downstairs, what's the TV say? (RAHRAHRAH)
Bullshit, death and disease every way…that's illusions; delusions.
My life is singing with music, it's a big world here but I have no fear knowin' one day
that we'll lose it cause I'm living straight through it.
I can see evil never takes a rest.
And I can feel the Earth as it's slowly shifting but still I never stress…
Got that M on my chest cause I'm too prepared,
my whole life is a big game of truth or dare,
I see humans glare and look super scared, but good news my dear, I got truth to share!

For 3D minds who don't get it yet…your body's a computer using your soul to surf through the internet of reality, and beyond.

While you're listening to me in this song, I am somewhere else chillin' way long gone,
from these old words that you're still trippin' on,
cause that's how time works,
So check your mind jerk, now align your spine let the light inside burn.
Feel it, although you can't quite see it,
the Multiverse is infinite and we live inside her.

All I see is these illusions; illusions, illusions, illusions, illusions, illusions, delusions.
(I’m going insane, either that or I’m the only one who’s sane)

I don't think I'm trippin'…haven't taken no drugs today.
But this life I'm livin’ got my mind goin' every which way.
If I see it, then it's real.
But not really, I feel….I think therefore I am, so it must be my hands steering this wheel.

Universal law states that, that which is thought in return becomes thought that's created.

So if you think that you can, and you focus intent, life starts to become exactly what you make it. If it doesn't make sense, go and be quiet, can't think straight when your brains in a riot. Sometimes answers come when you least expect when you're traveling off through silence...
In a world of fantasy, we can't handle a pure truths form.
So I've taken the liberty, to expose you to MURDERCORP.©
And if you've never heard before, consider me your new best friend.
And once you've excelled through the levels of self you'll understand true deaths end.
Ridin' around, bumping these illusions...Heads in the ground. Idiot music.
Sheeple are stupid; consciousness is key.
Wake up your awareness to the real life instead of these illusions.

All I see is these illusions.
Track Name: Copycat
Copycat clone
Copycat clone
Copycat clone

hit em first with the slow-mo, pro flow;
your life's shot using iPhones, mine though; IMAX
hell yeah, get in depth with my resolution, haven't figured out yet better get a solution
I cruise through the waves of the lames through music waking up mind to these mass illusions

got a mental state aimed at retraining the brain, yeah I'm insane but aware so basically,
I'm not scared to be weird or compared to the sheep I'm impartial to whack shit you're sayin' to me.
Just bustin' the facts while playing the beat, get a tiny little push then I'm sprayin' the heat
grown ass rappers don't wanna play with me, got the mind frame that you couldn't pay to see...

So by ancient means, I can summon my craziest dreams,
which is still so amazing to me, guess it's just what I was made to be.

So if you're lyin' to me, with what I'm trying to be
you can get your whack ass on a track spittin' crap till you run out of bullshit and die on a beat.

You're just a copycat, (copycat, copycat)
suck my mother fucking dick, bitch
fuck you're sloppy rap and your stupid thoughts
fuck you thinking that it's bout them clothes or shoes you bought (cause it's not)

And yeah, I might be chillin in some ice creams or decked out up in some nice jeans
but these other kids just aren't like me, cause my minds moving at nearly lightspeed
it's unlikely that if Myke C, hadn't understood the power of human psyche than I just might be
somebody like me who's not quite me, but alright see,
hold I true to the creation,with no hesitation
I'll kill whats old, make room for replacements
masters of truth knows that true observation is key to be free in this life simulation

"what's he saying?"
try a vacation, instead of always trying to be so cool
in a land of deceit the best you can be, is the original version of you!

not a bunch copy cats and snobby brats, and clones
hobby lacking, style jacking, mindless fucking drones...

I'm writing all these poems, to show a rebuttal properly.
Now watch all these mindless Murderbotz try to copy me.

you're just a copycat
copycat clone
copycat clone
copycat clone

Power down on the copycat clone.

Copycat MURDERCORP.© 2012
Produced by Tristan
Track Name: Total Control
Well It's your favorite suit and tie, geared up & ready for corporate fun
I've had a lot of time to think about to world and how it's run...
and stuff, and junk...y'all don't know really?
I'm making all these rappers feel oh so silly
man it kills me, knowing that I'm bout to make a killing off these bratty little snobs that right now don't even feel me

cause I'm still to for real see,
struttin' round the building
watching from inside the plots that hidden eyes are building
and I'm all too revealing
balls to the ceiling
I suppose that I'm involved, with what you'd call super villains
I'm grindin' or chillin'

blunts in the air if you're sick of 9 to 5's and you just don't care

you got a choice in this world so give it what you got
after you're finished go back to the top
free yourself from chains, let the mind drop…..
these other rappers let your mind rot
I'm so cold I make time stop

I'm a mother fuckin' master of the multiverse
(I'm living in space)


the mother fuckin' multiverse
(all day, all night, every minute, every second)

"Multiverse? don't you mean universe, you know like one of em?"
you got some thoughts inside your brain, use some of em
are you dumb enough to believe that we're the only living beings in this stretching massive matrix we can't see?

I'm asking directly cause frankly I just can't keep talking all this shit acting like I'm such a black sheep

I'm not the only one here, in fact last week I met this dude who's wisdom had me fumbling to speak;
so I learned and observed
cause teachers take turns
what a great time to be a far from outer space nerd

I'm still a smooth pimp operator
wave to the ladies, tell a hater see you later
open up your inner you
know that I'm just using lyrics for a bigger truth

it's not about me, or a closet full of shoes and purses
It's about M- Theory, and the multiverses

I'm a motherfuckingmasterofthemultiverse.
Track Name: Release
I started a life for myself but it wasn’t what others had planned.
Out of the box was boring so I morphed into a tetrahedron madman, damn...goes to show what minds can do when they use time wisely

Super powered, no.
But these other artists despise me….

Well fuck them and fuck the rap game, this shit ain’t even about rap.
Really it’s about the massive mass of pain that’s been racked up in my brain while the worlds goin’ to shit.
I tried to be nice, but all I know is flow and spit.
No control, I’m quick got neuro-network light speed.
Tree of life growing always knew I was a bright seed, Myke C’s psyche is murderous and feisty, created by society millions of kids just like me.

And I may not be the best yet, but I’m your best bet.
Carefully every word leads me into the next.
Generation Text; T-X-T.
A world where you can have a page of worlds but still the message is empty.
I feel like every day I have a moral obligation, try to be good, even in horrible situations.
With constant contemplation to fight war with manipulation.
Help to free the ones who are in need from a nation of enslavement.

This is a prayer to the cosmos,
as I meditate the pain away and focus on what I want most;

Let the hatred decease,
break from the grip and RELEASE! (release)

Nobody cares? I guess I’m just nobody…
I travel through the astral universe with no body.
Outside of myself, I can clearly see inside me. And if you hear me now consider that perfect timing.
Always knew the rhyming was helping to elevate me, so anybody listening, love me or hate me.
Understand what made me, brain full of angry.
Myke from 2011’s not even the same me.

We keep it changing, that’s evolution.
Never causing pain see, that’s revolution.
Lyrics with a spirit man, that’s heavy music.
And if you’re still fighting it follow me and push through it.

Can we? Yes! Take a stand see, us human beings are just one big family. Like a band we all need to play our instruments.
We’re in this together no matter which way you figure it.

Track Name: Project Shadow
It's not over

I'm sick of writing about the world I see, sometimes I wanna write about the world that flourishes in me
a beautiful, immaculate certain kind of free
where I don't have worry bout the money or the fee
cause it's all good,
and it's all love,
don't need to take no drugs cause I'm on one
cause this songs one
and I'm long done, with thinking bout a world a people who have long shunned it

Thinking bout a girl beneath these grey skies
the other thing I've felt that really helps get my days by
and I'm waist high in what you'd call game time trying to survive for the space ride, dig it?
the truest I can be to you is a poet, speaking through the music even if you don't know it
crying out for you, even if I don't show it
even I can't control it

It's not over...
(I'm wishing for a world that I know doesn't exist and)
(we've barely just begun sit your ass back in listen)

I'm sick of fighting this war, feelin' like I only have myself
sick of being front line, I'd rather be on the self
I'm sick of seeking help.

So don't you fucking tell me that my sickness here wasn't felt
my life is show and tell….and I just tell it all
talk about it till the walls crumble and they fall
raise my vibration till the higher angels call
and when they do I can finally leave it all.

So goodbye foolish world, hello cosmic genius
fuck you with the most intent if you can't feel this
this is all I got to prove to you I truly mean this
not just another dumb dude with a penis
believe it! man, I got love for my semen
I'd never bring my children to this world of decevin'
lying and cheatin'
I guess it ends with me,
Myke Murder will be just another human memory
but for now

it's not over.
Track Name: G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, Drugs)
Land of the free's what they say...maybe,
but all I ever hear is shit like "fuck you! pay me!"
...Man, that's shady,
and maybe I'm crazy, either that or I must be so god damn lazy I can't see the truth..
but I guess that it's probable I haven't thought over every explanation possible,
for monstrous corps that are nearly unstoppable buying all they can till their empires topples on top of them...See thats a problem with modern men.
We want to be free but we're locked in by cents, (money)
just thinking in our heads shit doesn't make sense,
but we do nothing about it cause we gotta pay rent (with money)
YOU! Pay attention son!
Sat through all the lessons, that's when I realized there's no point in stressin'...
when the time comes we will all reach ascension and that's how the world will go to heaven,
get it?
but for now they wanna stop you, box you with God flu; infectious disease of the mind
so they can lock you down.
But turn that frown around, cause with mental awareness we can cut that shit out.

[This system is a prison run by mind altering thugs bowing to money, cars, clothes, Gold, Oil, Drugs. (G.O.D)]
[Changing how you think with their songs at the clubs, praising the money, cars, clothes, Gold, Oil, Drugs. (G.O.D)]

For real dawg...have you seen this? (man, whatever)
If you haven't and you did, would you believe it? (I guess)
We put so much trust in these leaders we don't even THINK that their plans to deceive us (cause why would they?!)
tell me Jesus, Moses, Mohammed; if I had my own religion would you accept it or bomb it?
Would you respect it or cloud it?
Bash it and pound it?
turn it to a war of which church screams the loudest?!
I don't doubt that...That's how you get yours...
Mind control, telling people what to live for, 36 floor building that you own,
but you won't lend a room to a guy with no home?!
"See we can't, cause the church is not a charity"
Yeah, I've seen that with intense immense clarity,
taking money from people who barely have any, it’s fuckin’ scary,
I wouldn't worship those God's if you dared me

[This system is a prison run by mind altering thugs bowing to money, cars, clothes; Gold, Oil, Drugs. (G.O.D)]
[Changing how you think with their songs at the clubs, praising the money, cars, clothes; Gold, Oil, Drugs. (G.O.D)]

Shit is kinda whack. That's a pun intended, just a literal rap.
See they're marking us as numbers on a digital map.
The leaders don't discriminate immigrants, women or black, they just need you.
So this bullshit they feed you is all really obvious as soon as you start see through the doublespeak
And this rap is putting me at troubles peak, watch, I'll mysteriously "commit suicide" next week,
they'll say "he was depressed, he needed to find God."
Yeah, I found God hidden at the bottom of the lie that you fed me for years and I always asked why
cause you wanted to control MY MIND!
working for teams, minions of mindless,
so Poped up, you would think he was your highness
see through to the real fucking crime it's,
binding our brains to the fame and diamonds
wake up to life and embrace the brightness that's exposing the masters of organized crime it's

a system and a prison run by mind altering thugs, bowing to money, cars, clothes; Gold, Oil, Drugs. (G.O.D.)
changing how you think with their songs at the clubs, praising the money, cars, clothes; Gold, Oil, Drugs. (G.O.D.)
This system is a prison run by mind altering thugs.

By the power of G.O.D...

Gold, Oil, Drugs.